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What is Thai and Trager Approach to Massage?

Have you ever been surprised with how amazing you can feel, when your whole body is moving and flowing easily? Welcome to the experience of Trager. While lying on a massage table, space is created for you to be present with yourself, receiving hands on care, nurturing and interactive contact that allows you to expand.

Many times someone has requested a massage based on an awareness of congestion, restriction or stiffness in the shoulders or another specific area of the body. In a Trager session, your whole body is met and included in the mainly non-verbal conversation. I invite you to move into deeper states of relaxation in your own frame, including body and mind. Sensing through touch, energy awareness and with rocking movements, I provide the receiver with opportunities to enter into playful experiences of opening, unwinding, and re-energizing.

Trager is suitable for able-bodied people of all ages, as well as people who are used to living with significant physical limitations. Many people have come for Trager and been curious about how they are able to receive massage in a form that doesn’t hurt. Initial discomfort (because of deep pressure used on muscles) is typically not part of this form. You choose and direct how much pressure is suitable for you, while receiving your massage.

For those who enjoy deeper pressure massage and extended stretching experiences, I’d suggest you book a Thai massage. Thai massage, which Emily began studying and practicing 15 years ago while in Thailand, is a clothes-on, transformative whole body massage. Whether you are a very active person, or are used to a more sedentary existence, you will feel much more stable and able to move with ease following a Thai massage.

Whether you’re drawn to Trager (which happens on a massage table) or Thai massage (a clothes-on stretching massage offered on a mat on the floor), you will receive an expanded sense of who you are, and what is possible for you in your body. Come learn about the comfort, ease and joy that you can know through integration of heart, body, and mind.

Until February 11, 2016, Emily is offering a special for friends, family members or colleagues who decide to book some self-care activities together. When two of you schedule back-to-back sessions with Emily, on the same day, you will each receive a $10 discount on your chosen session. Give a gift to a friend; introduce them to a new form of massage.

In health, 

Emily Weber