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intramuscular (im) therapy

What Intramuscular Injections does Pure Wellness Group offer?

Vitamin B12 & Folic Acid

The frequency and the amount of Vitamin B12 or Folic Acid is dependant on what outcomes you are trying to achieve.   Lower, less frequent dosing can be used to maintain healthy levels required for healthy function of our nervous system.   However, higher and more frequent dosing can be used to treat various pathologies or to combat deficiencies caused by certain medications such as anti-acids or oral birth control.     Patients who choose a vegetarian diet are often deficient in Vitamin B12 and folate, and can benefit from regular B12 injections.  


This combination of Vitamin B12, Folic Acid and Vitamin B6 can help combat nausea of pregnancy, without the side effects of medications.  

Weight Loss
This combination of nutrients is used in several clinical weight loss clinics to support healthy metabolism and energy production.  Although this is not intended to stimulate weight loss, this injection can provide the energy required to keep patients motivated and stay on track with their weight loss goals. 

IM therapy FAQ   

What is IM Therapy?

Intramuscular therapies (IM) involve injecting nutrients directly into the muscle.  This method of treatment is considered faster-acting than oral or other forms of medication. IM Therapy allows medicine to reach the heart more quickly, as well as circulate through the body at a faster rate.

Why would I use IM Therapy?

IM therapy can be effective for a broad variety of people and health concerns.   Some of the most commonly treated conditions include nutrient deficiencies, fatigue, anxiety, and weight loss. 


Is IM therapy safe?

Yes, IM therapies are safe and simple procedures.   Under the supervision of a well trained doctor,  our patients tend to experience minimal - if any -  side effects.   Our clinic is run by licensed naturopathic doctors who are highly trained and experienced to perform IM therapy safely and effectively.  Most patients report feeling more energetic afterwards! 

What to expect during your IM appointment?

Your first IM therapy appointment includes a 15 minute naturopathic consultation and physical exam.  During this time, your health history and health goals will be reviewed, to ensure that we treat you safely.   Blood work might be required before treatment is provided.   After your consultation you may receive your first treatment immediately, with the support of your Naturopathic Doctor!   You can also discuss subsequent treatments at this time. 

Our treatment room is comfortable and quiet.   You can just sit back and relax,  enjoy a warm beverage,  read, nap, chat with other guests in the clinic, or plug into your own music device.